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So why all the excitement in the land market? What is making the land market on fire right now? The land market has just exploded, quietly, as the Covid-19 dilemma continues to take the center stage. On December 30, 2020, we sold 148 acres in Tama County, Iowa, with a CSR2 of 93 and 146 crop acres of the 148 gross acres. The farm sold for $14,100/gross acre, or $14,300 per tillable acre, or $154/CSR point per tillable acre!!!!

The formula for a perfect storm in the farmland market:

  • INTEREST RATES. I have been in the real estate business for 40 years and we currently have some of the lowest rates ever. I have heard rates of less than 3%, which is unheard of in the farm real estate area.

  • COMMODITY PRICES. Corn and bean prices over the last several months have made huge steps upward. Beans are up over $2.00/bushel since harvest and corn is up over $1.00/ bushel since harvest. Farmers are still holding large supplies of grain trying to get that ultimate record price.

  • LOW INVENTORY OF FARMS FOR SALE. In the 2nd quarter and into the 3rd & 4th quarters, sellers were concerned about selling, as they felt Covid-19 may have an adverse effect on the price they would receive. Many land professionals had that same concern, so their recommendation regarding selling, was to wait. Some of those sellers are still waiting, thus we have a shortage of farms for sale.

  • INFLUX OF 1031 BUYERS. With people finding out they can work from home, many commercial properties are vacant or have lost their luster. These commercial investors have decided to get one check a year with owning farmland instead of the commercial investment side of the real estate business.

If you are thinking of selling farmland, there is no better time than right now and into the spring of 2021. We have an auction on January 15, 2021, in Wright County, Iowa, with a 79 acre parcel along with a 5 acre acreage. Following that is a two parcel auction on January 19, 2021, in Jasper County that consists of a 40 acre tract and a 75 acre tract. Next is a 96 acre tract scheduled for auction on February 5, 2021, located in Grundy County, Iowa, with a CSR or 92.8. All of the above are quality parcels of Iowa farmland and all will be sold at auction in a strong real estate market.

We have been in this business for 40 years and we will continue to serve the needs of Iowa in the farm real estate business. We would be happy to prepare a no cost proposal for you, your family, your trust, or your family partnership on the land you own that you may be thinking of selling. This proposal will answer questions regarding your farm, its value, a marketing plan, and the costs involved with the sale of the property. Give us a call 641-648-5065 or email us at, or

Make it a great day!


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