2017 Recap and What's Cookin'

RECAP OF 2017...

2017 was an interesting year for Mid Iowa Real Estate, Auctions, & Appraisals. This was the first full year in operation back on our own, with the original company starting back in 1981. It proved to be a great year! The uncertainty of the farm economy along with all the political posturing going on, made for interesting times. During 2017, Mid Iowa sold 17 farms at auction and 16 through conventional listings. These farms were located in 17 counties in the state of Iowa and consisted of over 4200 acres. Our area includes all of Iowa, as demonstrated by sales in Scott County to the SE, Woodbury County to the SW, Buchanan County to the NE, Wright County to the NW, Warren in south central Iowa, and of course, Hardin, Franklin, Marshall, and Butler, here in north central Iowa. Our sales have reinforced the uptrend in the land market in the state of Iowa. Several surveys showed a 2-3% increase in land values, which we feel is reasonably accurate. Some areas are up in the area of 4-6% with some showing a negative movement. As has been said in the real estate world, there are three things that contribute to value - location, location, location. This is the same in the farmland markets.


We have a great auction coming up on January 19, 2018, of 160 acres located just SW of the Boondocks in Hamilton County, Iowa. This farm has a 77.7 CSR rating with 0-3% slope on most of the farm. This farm has good access to grain markets and lays well. Auction will be held at Titan Machinery, just ½ mile east of the Boondocks on old highway 20 at 10:00 AM.

On February 7, we will hold an auction of two parcels of land in Worth County, Iowa, just SE of Northwood, Iowa. These parcels are 70 acres and 36 acres. These parcels are great laying northern Iowa dirt and are a size that fits a lot of buyers. Contact our office or go to our website for details.

We currently also have an 80 acre tract listed NW of Popejoy, Iowa. This farm has been pattern tiled and has had an average yield the last 3 years of 213/bu/acre. This farm is listed at $7100/acre. Tile makes a better farm and then you can depreciate over 60,000 feet for tax purposes. Make an offer.

We have several auctions that we are working on, as well as some listings. The land market is strong right now and if you are thinking of selling, do not think too long. Take this land to market now! We know what the market is right now, but have no idea what it is going to be in 6 months.

Make it a great week!