So.....What Is Going On?

Mid Iowa is selling dirt. We had a great May, with sales over 500 acres the last week of May, and 3 more farms the first half of June. During that time, we also listed 322 acres to go to auction on July 14, 2017, and 201 & 248 acres to go to auction on August 1, 2017. For early fall, we are working on 600+ acres, which will more than likely go to the auction block. We have a very strong market at this time, and if you are looking at selling dirt, I would suggest taking a hard look at moving it ASAP.

There is always the question as to whether to list the property or sell the property at auction. In a listing, many times no one knows that the farm has been listed, as it sometimes is handled as a “quiet deal”. Sometimes sellers are okay with that, especially in a sale-leaseback situation, but if that is not the case, is that the best way to market the property? I have always been one that feels an obligation to my customers to get all the exposure that we can get for the subject property. This is what determines a market price for the property. If the subject property has not been properly exposed to the market, are we as agents getting market price or just getting a better deal for the agent? A quiet deal is okay for the agent, as many times they do not have to split the commission, but is that fair to the seller?

An auction will properly expose the subject to the market, and in most cases, will get market price for the subject property. In the last 10-15 years, auctions have risen to the forefront as an excellent marketing tool. Make sure your agent explains the pros and cons of each method of selling farms in your area. We can explain those differences to you and provide you with a no cost, professional proposal for the sale of your property. Make sure the agent is doing the best job to expose your farm to the market and get the top price for you. Our sales volume is up, as is interest in selling farms for fall. Not only can we expose your farm the way is should be, but we can attain the market price for your farm that you expect.

Give us a call or email us. Our normal turnaround time to get you a completed proposal on your farms is less than 72 hours.