CSR-1 & CSR-2 Confusion

Back in the 70’s, a new soil survey using weights for each soil type we have in our land was unveiled. Weights ranged from 5 to 100, with 100 being the best. Other ratings on the same soil type differed by range of slope that the soil type has. This is a very basic explanation, but is generally descriptive of the process.

In 2013, CSR-2 was introduced. Basically, this new method includes another component in the formula for weather. What this did in most cases, especially in the NW portion of Iowa, was to increase the CSR-2 ratings of those soils and farms. The soils did not change, but the formula to calculate them did. This has led to a lot of confusion and reasons for arguments. It has also led, and will lead, to higher property taxes, as CSR ratings are used as a basis for tax calculations.

As I see it, and this is only my opinion, CSR-1 was the old method and it has now been replaced by CSR-2, or an update. The definition of an update is as follows: "Make something more modern or up-to-date, or an updated version of something.” Whether we agree with the update or not, it is an update, and should be used as such.

I feel an easy explanation to describe what CSR-2 means is as follows: If your farm has a CSR-2 of 75, your farm (with average weather, rainfall, management, etc) will produce 75% as well as the best farm in the state of Iowa. Kind of simple explanation, but that is the way the Dirt Dealer explains it.

Have a great week!