Land Market, Auctions, & Advice

The land market this week again has held it’s own. Most of the sales on good dirt are running in that $100-$110/CSR point. I had two sales right before the end of 2016, with one in the $105/CSR point range, and the other sale being in the $130/CSR point range.

I have auctions booked in Woodbury County, Scott County, Muscatine County in March and I'm working on auctions and listings in Hardin, Madison and Hancock Counties. A few more sellers are starting to come to the table, but the demand for good dirt in the right location is still very strong. Look for more information on the previous auctions or listings in the above counties in the next couple of weeks.

A note to all that own land and have installed tile over the years: Take some time to sit down and make notes or draw any tile installations that have occurred over the years. If they have been recently installed, talk to your contractor that installed the drainage system and get computerized mapping. This tile information is an invaluable resource when either renting the farm out or when it is time to sell the property.